Our Mission


If you are on this page, it's probably because you want to know a bit more about who we are and what our mission is. At BUTTERFLY KINGDOM, our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction so that they can not only find the right products for their individual style, but also to provide them with relevant information for any butterfly enthusiast.


about butterfly mania


Our mission is to establish a strong network of people who are fascinated by the world of butterflies, to engage with those who share the same lifestyle values.
That's why we created this store on the Butterfly theme. Indeed, butterflies are insects whose life cycle should serve as an inspiration. Beneath their delicacy and their tenderness, their metamorphosis symbolizes the transition to a better life and a thought process that embraces freedom.
Therefore, we have selected products that are representative of our inner ability to dream and to be the people we aspire to be in a harsh society such as ours, which is not always easy to deal with.


butterfly mania's mission


Being enthusiastic about the butterflies universe, I always had trouble finding products that suited me.
The idea of creating BUTTERFLY KINGDOM was born in 2023 in order to support other people facing the same challenge as I did.
We have since become a major reference in the butterflies world and the BUTTERFLY KINGDOM store now reunites thousands of enthusiasts.


butterfly mania's story


We would like to provide you with the best butterfly products ever in our store. Accordingly, we have carefully selected artisans who are highly regarded for their expertise, loyalty and passion.
We are committed to one thing: excellence. Our products will be of better quality than those of our competitors and at affordable prices.


butterfly mania's suppliers