Shipping Policy

By submitting an order through BUTTERFLY KINGDOM, you are accepting the conditions below. These are included to help ensure that both parties are fully conversant with and understand this arrangement to provide mutual protection and to set forth expectations for our service.


       1. General

Provided that stock is available, we strive to uphold an accurate supply inventory but from time to time there might be a stock deviation and we might not be able to fill all items at the time of your shopping. In this case, we will get in touch with you to see if you would like to wait for the out-of-stock item to be reordered or if you would prefer a gift certificate.


       2. Shipping costs

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout based on the size, weight and most of all the destination of the items in your order. The payment of the shipping costs will be cashed at the time of the order. This price will be the final cost of your order for shipping.


      3. Shipping Conditions

In general, orders sent to foreign destinations may be in transit for 4. However, this period may occasionally be extended (up to 20 days). This varies a lot depending on the type of shipment selected and the vendor related to the items in the order you made.

Shipping time:

Orders are generally processed within 2 business days after payment of the order. Indeed, we leave a 24 hour delay so that the shipping address can be adjusted.

Our teams contact the warehouse locations of the items Monday through Friday during normal business hours, except for domestic holidays, at which time dispatch will not be activated with the warehouse locations.

When you submit an order to BUTTERFLY KINGDOM, the maximum delivery time is 10 business days. However, delivery can take up to 3 weeks during this busy time.


       4. Change of delivery address

For delivery address change requests, we are able to change the address at any time before the order is shipped.


       5. Cancellations

If you change your mind before you have received your order on BUTTERFLY KINGDOM, we can accept cancellations at any time before the order has been dispatched. 


        6. Insurance

Packages are insured against damage and loss up to the value declared by the carrier. The loss is recorded in the event that the postal service confirms the loss. A delivery confirmed by the postal services will be considered valid. Indeed, BUTTERFLY KINGDOM has experienced too many cases of unfortunately dishonest customers announcing that they have not been delivered only to base ourselves solely on the customer's words. However, BUTTERFLY KINGDOM will do its utmost to satisfy you by reshipping the items of your order at its expense or offering you a gift voucher whose value will be greater than the amount of your initial order.