Blinged-Out Pink Butterfly Ring

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There isn't anything like this blinged-out pink butterfly ring.

A charming piece of jewelry that can rekindle your love for life. You only need one thing, an unmistakable style, whether you like showy, glittering, or rhinestone jewelry. Put it on your finger at large occasions and it will look fashionable and rich. This blinged-out pink butterfly ring is for you if you enjoy rapping or pop music and are enthusiastic about butterflies. Glittering pink crystals are wonderfully implanted on its setting, adding to its allure and whimsical nature. It is ready for any hit thanks to its copper shank.

  • Composition : Copper . Cubic Zirconia
  • Width : 2,3cm
  • Length : 2,5cm
  • There is no skin discomfort
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • High-quality crystals have been inlaid.
  • Sealed design
  • Anti-fouling lining
  • Nickel Free

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