Butterfly Spinner Ring

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Choose the butterfly spinner ring that best matches your style from our extensive collection.

If you suffer from anxiety, we recommend the gentle yellow or grey monarchs. With their gorgeous wings, they will cause you to shift your emotions away from tension and away from biting your nails. If you enjoy daydreaming, we recommend the adonis blue and holly blue items, which will carry you to the next level with a calm mood. If you want a more romantic look, we offer the painted lady model, which will add color to your character while also highlighting the beauty of caterpillars. Because our rings are composed of copper, they are easily turned around. Wear this butterfly spinner ring with a skirt and t-shirt for a relaxed and changed appearance.

  • Composition : Copper
  • There is no skin discomfort
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • High-quality crystals have been inlaid.
  • and durable
  • Exterior without scratches
  • Adjustable ring
  • Nickel Free
  • Lead Free
  • Hypoallergenic jewel

You'll enjoy our men's vintage butterfly ring if you're looking for a fresh look. It is a component of our entire stock of butterfly rings. Additionally, you may browse our extensive selection of butterfly jewelry if you're looking for something much more unique.