Filigree Butterfly Ring

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This filigree butterfly ring is an amazing piece of jewelry.

A stunning work of art that will remind you of your favorite childhood moments. Its stainless steel metal construction gives it a vintage and whimsical appearance. With this ornament, you'll be inspired to discover the natural life cycle of the caterpillar's hidden mysteries. This unusual filigree butterfly ring won't be available at your neighborhood jewelry store. Its only drawback, despite its imposing scale, may be the concept's complexity, which also serves as an asset. Each butterfly is unique, just like every ring we create. Each component has undergone meticulous trimming and soldering to form a beautiful and artistic whole.

  • Composition : Stainless Steel
  • No form of discomfort on the skin
  • Careful and precise details
  • Quality and durable jewel
  • Sealed design
  • Anti-fouling lining

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