Gold Color and Purple Butterfly Ring

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Nothing beats this gold color and purple butterfly ring for reviving your style.

A stunning piece of jewelry that you won't keep for long in your jewelry box. The purplish crystals on this ring will thrill you whether you enjoy purple, indigo, blue, or mauve. This ring's lyrical design will merge with your emotions. This priceless gem would look stunning with a pendant and a necklace. You might also offer this gold color and purple butterfly ring as a present to a friend who is interested in the world of caterpillars. The violet reflections, when paired with the butterfly effect, will simply change the shape of your silhouette.

  • Composition : Copper
  • There is no skin discomfort
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • High-quality crystals have been inlaid.
  • Anti-fouling lining
  • Adjustable ring
  • Finish : Polished
  • Nickel Free

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