Monarch Butterfly Ring

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Why not have some fun with this opulent monarch butterfly ring?

A high-quality piece of jewelry that will radically change the beading industry. With a strengthened shank constructed of high-quality copper metal, this band is ready for any outside impact. You don't need diamonds, amethysts, or other beautiful stones with its attractive setting of colorful gemstones. The stylishness of this monarch butterfly ring will enhance your appearance. Monarch butterflies are well-known for their colorful wings and their proclivity to migrate in large groups from one location to another depending on the light. While other retailers primarily sell opal rings, we have opted to tailor our offerings to our clients' preferences.

  • Composition : Copper , Cubic Zirconia
  • Weight : 4gr
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • High-quality crystals have been inlaid.
  • Sealed design
  • Anti-fouling lining
  • Exterior without scratches
  • Adjustable ring

Our butterfly wing jewelry ring is ideal if you're looking to try a fresh look. It is a component of our entire stock of butterfly rings. Additionally, you may browse our extensive selection of butterfly jewelry if you're looking for something much more unique.