Sterling Silver Filigree Butterfly Ring

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Consider this sterling silver filigree butterfly ring for a minute.

A stunning piece of jewelry that you don't come across every day. The metal threads were assembled in an unusual manner by the artisans. This is a true work of art in the realm of jewelry. Its unique antique form allows you to wear it to unexpected occasions or during intimate meetings. You won't have to worry about its rigor because it's made of 925 sterling silver. Pair it with a lovely black gown and a sumptuous necklace. If you like butterflies, this sterling silver filigree butterfly ring is the band for you. You can devote some time to learning more about lepidopteran insects such as sylvines.

  • Composition : 925 Sterling Silver
  • Weight : 2gr
  • There is no skin discomfort
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • Anti-fouling lining
  • Finish : Polished
  • Lead Free and Nickel Free
  • Adjustable and hypoallergenic ring

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