Vintage Butterfly Ring

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This beautiful vintage butterfly ring will astound you.

A rare jewel with an ancient design that makes it attractive. This kind of exclusivity will not be found at your neighborhood jewelry store. With flowers molded around a butterfly, this band will undoubtedly appeal to nature enthusiasts. You will be much more conscious of the importance of butterflies hatching and flourishing with this signet ring. Its wearability is evocative of 1950s fashion, and its sobriety has the potential to rival premium diamond or gold jewelry. To create a trendy and classic style, pair it with a shirt and leather pants. Why not combine this vintage butterfly ring with jeans for a more understated look?

  • Composition : Copper
  • There is no skin pain of any kind.
  • Precision and attentive detailing
  • A fine and long-lasting jewel
  • Exterior without scratches


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